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Feature films produced and created by The Wild Night Company

Hotel Splendide

Daniel Craig and Toni Collette star in this black comedy about a hotel on the edge of reality, ruled over by the ghost of its former owner. Made with Film4 and Canal+, the film has won several awards and played […]

Lady of Sorrows

Supernatural drama. We wanted to push the limits of digital cinema and to see if we could achieve a film noir feel that would hold up in theatres. The film was shot at studios in Los Angeles on Red Cameras […]

The Sin Eater

This is a short film made for Film4 and the BBC in a neo-gothic style. Featuring Rhys Ifans and Josie Lawrence, it’s about food, death and love, not necessarily in that order. It has won a number of awards. Awards […]

The Day the World Ended

This film was shot in Los Angeles and the San Bernadino Mountains and features Nastasja Kinski and Randy Quaid. It is a sci-fi homage to Roger Corman and tells the story of a deeply disturbed boy with psychic abilities. Awards […]


This supernatural thriller explores the implications of using Electronic Voice Phenomena to talk to the dead. After her mother, Helen, commits suicide under unusual circumstances, Isobel moves into her house and discovers that Helen had been trying to communicate with […]