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The Wild Night Company’s latest Commercials and Virals


Anna Krantz sings about her childhood and how it affected her art

Demi Monde

We have just completed post on the promo for this unique immersive theatre project featuring live performance, 3D holography and multi media projection. There is also a VR version in post now.


We can’t say too much about Un-Balanced just yet. Take five yoga masters, put them in a period bar that might be somewhere in the Soviet Union in the 1940s give them a deck of cards, Absinthe and a bad […]

La Petite Mort

Shot on Red Cameras in the caverns beneath London Bridge station, this project centres around a surreal bullfight between a matador and bull, both played by dancers. The setting is a castle in Spain in a period that could be […]

Fierce Furries

So it’s Blair Witch in the woods with Furries – A very strange night shoot which scandalised a whole community in Italy, but we think it’s worth it.

The First Group Drone Shoot

Remarkable what you can do with these things – we used an Octocopter with a RedEpic and 14mm lens to achieve this type of image.

Blonic Campaign

Shot on location in London over the summer as an Amelie Homage.

Optimax Africa

This Monty Hall testimonial commercial features underwater footage of Monty diving and is the first of the Optimax campaigns to use a celebrity. The mixed media involved required a lot of colour grading and careful sound mixing.